How Do You Know That Jesus is the Messiah?

It’s a legitimate question.  If Jesus is the Messiah then we need to trust in what He said and follow Him.  If He is not the Messiah, well then we can’t trust what He said so following Him is a futile pursuit.  So how do we know that Jesus is the Messiah?  The simple answer is that God gave us the details about the Messiah through the Prophets.  Hundreds and thousands of years before the coming of the Messiah, God spoke to the prophets and gave very specific details about the events and ministry of His life.  There are over 300 recorded and documented prophecies that were made about the Messiah and every one was fulfilled by Jesus.

What did the Prophets say about the Messiah?

The Prophets agree that Jesus is the Messiah.  They gave very specific details like where He was born, that His mother would be a virgin, how He would die, His betrayal by Judas, the specific amount of money paid for His betrayal, the entire crucifixion and all kinds of mind-numbing details that only one person could ever fulfill.  The conclusion is that Jesus was who he said He was, not because of some fabricated notion, but because He was who He said He was and all of it was confirmed by God.