Are you willing to Accept Suffering?

Radical Trust in the Lord is what we are going for.  We want to trust in God completely and do great things for Him.  One of the first steps in trusting God completely, is that we need to accept that we may suffer, even for a season, for what we believe.  We need to make peace with the idea that the world resists Jesus and if we are advancing the Gospel it will resist us too.  We need to get past the notion that the Christian life is one of comfort and get used to stretching our faith no matter what the cost, knowing that even if we suffer that God will produce fruit from it.

Great Christians gave everything and changed the world around them

Think of the hero you have in the faith.  All of them were completely invested into their relationship with the Lord and to advancing the Gospel.  Most of them gave up promises of great futures, promising careers and easy lifestyles, because they wanted more.  They played for higher stakes then their own selfish ambitions.  They wanted to see entire cultures come to faith in Jesus and they trusted that God could use them to get it done.

What will your legacy be?

Will it be one of comfort?  Or one of inspiration to others of what can be accomplished for the Lord if only you gave up on self preservation and self advancement?  The choice is yours to make.  Start off in the place of letting go and resolving that suffering will not stop you.