How do you use your resources to honor God?

It’s a good question.  God has given us each resources that we can use.  Whether its our money or the things that we own, all of it can be used to advance the Gospel.  That is if we have the right perspective.  For far too many Christians, we are only concerned with what the minimum is.  We become selfish with what we have, because we do not trust God enough when it comes to our resources.  But what would happen if instead of just giving God the minimum, we entrusted him with everything?  i think we’d be surprised at just how blessed we truly would be.

The tithe and offering is just the beginning.

The foundation for having a giving spirit is found in tithing and offering.  A tithe is giving a tenth of our income to the Lord and an offering is giving above that.  These two practices prepare our hearts for generosity and they bring God into our finances which means that He has access and the Devil doesn’t.  Where the Devil would rob and destroy our resources, the Lord looks to bless, but not just so we can have more, so that we can pour out into others.  The truth is that there is so much need in the world and from the outflowing of the blessing of God those needs can be met.  But a church that is focused on getting can never be focused on giving.

In this message on stewarding your resources

In this message Pastor Brad lays a foundation for giving our tithes and offerings and then challenges us to not settle for the minimum, but to truly trust God with everything.  Its a radical lifestyle, but nothing amazing was ever accomplished by mediocre people.

Scripture References

Malachi 3:8-10, Luke 16:10, Proverbs 11:24-26