Should we have a different relationship to the issues of our day?

Each generation has beliefs that define them, things that they stand up for, and even things that they believe about the world around them.  Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad.  The question that the Christian should ask is not so much whether they are good or bad, but are the Biblical?  You see we are shaped and formed in our beliefs based on what we learn from the culture.  Yet, God explicitly invites us out of whatever culture we are engaged in into His culture.  This means that we adopt new ways of seeing the world around us.  It also means that we are guided by different principles, Biblical principles and not by our own reasoning.  This can be a difficult road to navigate, especially in a world so moved by propaganda.  Too many people’s views are shaped by funny and pointed memes, soundbites, clickbait, and a steady stream of media input.  So how does a Christian form their ideas?  How do we stop getting pulled into worldliness and how do we live according to our new life in Christ?  This is exactly what we are going to look at over the course of this series, how our relationship to the issues and beliefs of the world is different.

In this Sermon

We are going to lay a foundation for how we as Christians take a different approach to how we think about the issues of our day.  Our relationship to cultural issues define who we are. So we should ask questions like, should the church think about things the same way the world does? Do we have a different approach? Where do we get our cues from?  This is the first sermon in a series intended to get us to think about how we form and shape our beliefs.

Scripture References

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