Family SundayWere Adam & Eve Cursed?

When we read the account of Adam & Eve in Genesis 3, we are confronted with what God says as He Addresses their sin. If we are not careful then we see God as angry and punishing Adam & Eve for what they did. While we cannot ignore that God was judging their actions in righteousness how we see what happened there and what God tells them will inform what we do with God words. What do I mean? Either we see God’s words as a curse to all mankind throughout all generations which means that we have a mandate to keep the curse going or we see it as the results of sin fracturing God’s perfection which He wants to redeem. The first seeks to uphold the curse the second seeks to redeem it.  Which sounds more like the God of the Bible?

In this sermon

Find out more about what happened in Genesis 3 and all of its implications.  Dive in a bit deeper to the story and what was said and ultimate how God seeks to redeem the curses.

Scripture References

Genesis 3Hebrews 13:4Psalms 127: 3-5Galatians 3:28

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