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What is the Christian supposed to do with their life after salvation?

What we do after salvation is a question that the church has been asking for generations.  We tend to put so much of an emphasis on getting people saved or making converts that oftentimes we forget that getting saved is the entrance point, not the finish line.  So what is supposed to happen after salvation?  The truth is that we are called to be like Christ.  Sound simple enough, but with so many people trying to redefine who Jesus was and is, it can be hard to understand what that means.  In fact, Jesus has become more of a poster boy for people’s social, political, and idealogical agendas, than the individual we read about in the scripture.  The truth is that we need to discover the Jesus of the Bible and not the Jesus of my invention or imagination.  The thing is that Jesus didn’t fit into the worldly systems, He introduced God’s Kingdom into the world.  So we need to take a look at how Jesus lived and separate our worldly notions or ideas from our investigation so that we are not fooled into reading what we want to into His example.

In this Sermon

We are going to look into three key attributes of Jesus’ life and how they marked His ministry.  We’ll look specifically at how He knew and was obedient to scripture, how He wasn’t afraid to be seen with and minister to sinners, and how He was humble and looked to serve God always.

Scripture References

1 John 2:3-6Luke 6:39-40, Matthew 5:17-19Mark 2:15-17John 5:19-20

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