Are you free?

Do you feel bogged down by life?  Have you pursued everything and nothing really satisfies?  Are you free, or do you feel the weight of guilt and shame?  At some point we all ask the question, “Is there more to life?”  Why do we ask this?  Because we have this innate sense that life cannot be bound up in chasing after wealth, pleasures, and whatever we’re interested.  We seem to know that life should be more significant than we work, we have a little fun, we deal with a lot of junk, and then we die.  So what do we do when we come to that point, when we reach that inevitable despair?  Well, hopefully we look for answers.  And although it may seem cliche, Jesus gave us answers.

When Jesus began His ministry, He read a passage from the book of Isaiah, chapter 61.  That passage declared that He would, “…bring good news to the afflicted; (that He would) …bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to captives, And freedom to prisoners”.  Jesus’ ministry centered around the idea that through Him we could have hope, because He breaks through our despair and frees us from sin and its bondage.  So we no longer have to feel so hopeless, we can have a hope in eternity and live a purposeful life.

In this Sermon

This message is all about the Good News of Jesus and how He wants to trade your mess for His forgiveness and how He changes everything.  Are you free?  If not you really need to hear this message.

Scripture References:

Luke 4:18-191 Peter 2:9-10, Romans 12:2

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