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Are you the Messiah?

At the time of Christ the Nation of Israel was waiting in anticipation for the Messiah. So much so that when anyone arose who looked like King David or the Prophet Elijah key people began to question, “Are you the messiah?”  They had heard the prophecies, they had read the scriptures and they desperately wanted to see the Messiah with their own eyes.  There were even those who tried to stake a claim to this title and who lead revolts against Herod.  Some were successful and some even had a following but in time it was obvious that their claims were false.  There were even those zealous for God, reformers of judaism that had some good ideas but who in the end really didn’t add up to the title Messiah.  This was the backdrop into which Jesus was born, a hungry nation awaiting the promised messiah.  Only Jesus did not stake a claim to wealth or power, He taught with great revelation and backed up His teaching with miracles, sign and wonders.  His life and His actions, not His claims, beg the question, “Are you the Messiah?”

In this Sermon

We’re going to take a look at what Pharisees, Sadducees, Priests and Scribes had a hard time discerning and what righteous men and women knew…that Jesus was indeed the Messiah.

Scripture References

John 1:19-34Matthew 11:2-6Luke 2:25-32Luke 2:36-38

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