How do you deal with your sin?

Atonement is something we don’t talk about much these days.  We have lost the idea that we need to make peace with God.  Perhaps because we are surrounded by a culture that firstly denies God and secondly is more concerned about affirming themselves then ever coming to terms with where they are wrong or their need to change.  But each of us has this need to make peace with God, whether you are aware of it or not each of us has sinned which causes a divorce between us and God.

Getting right with God

When we divorced God through our sin, He pursued us.  His desire was to rejoin us to Him.  Jesus, came and suffered the cross to pay for the sins of mankind and to deal with our sins once and for all.  Of course Jesus didn’t just come for our eternity, He came to free us from the ripple effects of sin as well.  So, not only did Jesus offer forgiveness from our sins, but He also offers freedom from the weight of our sins and bad decisions and the retribution that we expect from from God.  In other words, He removes sin and all of its effects from us.

What do we need to do?

We need to humble our souls before Him and be real.  We need to take a look into our hearts and see our sins, understand that where we have gone wrong and deal with those things by confessing them to God.  For some of us, we need to trust Jesus by accepting His sacrifice for our sins and believe in Him.  For some of us we already know Jesus as our Savior, but we depend too much on grace and still live bound up by our sins and influences by the Devil.  If so, then you need to do business with God and clean out your heart, trusting in Him to purge the sins from you.  Either way, every one of us needs to get real with Jesus.

Scripture References

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