Note: Unfortunately the recording stopped before the end of the sermon.

What is Authentic Authenticity?

Besides a clever play on words, it is a call to all Christians to choose to follow Christ in truth.  It is my belief that Authenticity is the single-most important attribute in the life of a Christian.  Without it all of the things that we can do will add up to nothing.  We can become people known for love, but if it is inauthentic then what message will it send?  We can become people known for serving others, but if it is inauthentic then what message will it send?  We can manifest every gift of the Holy Spirit in every meeting yet if it is inauthentic then what does it mean?  People are hungry for the truth, but they will only respond to people whose faith is authentic, without aires, without pretense and without a facade.  More than anything I want to see a church that is made up of authentic believers.

The problem with defining Authenticity by what you do.

Too often in the discussion of authentic faith, we define authenticity by what we do.  Authenticity looks like loving others.  Authenticity looks like manifesting this supernatural gift.  Authenticity looks like helping those in need.  True, these things should be seen in an authentic Christian’s life, but when you define authenticity by what you do then you run the risk of jumping right to the end and cutting out the journey.  To put it simply it would be like gluing fruit on a tree and saying it is producing fruit.  Sure it looks good from 40 feet away, but when you get up to it you can tell the fruit is glued.  The point is that fruit grows on a tree naturally and by a very specific process.  If you skip the process you can’t have authenticity.

What is the measure of Authenticity?

It is Jesus.  We all understand that in order to create a counterfeit there must first be something worth copying.  We are all called to be counterfeits of Christ, but often we are just counterfeits of other Christians or certain denominations.  I’m sure you understand what happens when you copy a copy?  The resolution and quality just continues to degenerate.  This is why we need to get back to the authentic example of Jesus Christ, so that we are direct copies of the original.

Scripture References:

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