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The Fundamentals, Faith, God and Creation, Claims of Christ, prayer, Worship, Communion, BaptismWhy does a Christian get baptized?

Baptism is one of those funny things.  It is unique to Christianity and every church baptizes, yet there are so many different opinions about how someone is baptized, when they are baptized and what their Baptism means.  Generally a church’s theology and practice is tied to how they would answer the question, “When is someone saved?”  I get the question, but I am not convinced that this is the right question or even a Biblical question to ask.  Why?  I think that trying to answer that question boils the entire Gospel down to a single moment in time and a gospel that is only concerned about salvation.  What about discipleship?  What about living transformed lives?  What about becoming a new creation?  What about forsaking the world for the Kingdom of God?  What about re-centering your whole life around God and His Kingdom?  The question of Baptism and even salvation is far more complex than just being forgiven and going to heaven.  Which is why I think that we can do a better job at answering why a Christian gets baptized.

In this sermon

We will take a look into why the Bible teaches that we get baptized.  It is far more significant than what we generally think.  Listen as Pastor Brad works through some of the stereotypes and gets into the deeper significance of Baptism.

Scripture References:

Matthew 28:18-20John 3:3-51 Peter 3:20-22Matthew 3:13-15 & 4:17Acts 22:16Romans 6:41 Corinthians 12:13

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