A Week At The Bethel Healing Conference

If anyone knows me you’ll know that I am not one to swoon over what other churches are doing.  Why is that?  Because I believe that God is wanting to do something in every church, every congregation that is unique and powerful.  With that being said there are churches out there that seem to be advancing or excelling at a certain aspect of ministry or Kingdom living.  This is the case with Bethel Redding which is pushing the envelopes of supernatural ministry and living.  As a Pastor I am always encouraging others to push the envelope in their faith and take risks for Jesus, and I believe that if I am asking that of my congregation then I need to model that for others.  So when I found out that Bethel was putting on a healing conference I immediately was stirred in my heart to go.  Why?  Because while I am certainly comfortable with the ministry of the Holy Spirit, healing is something that I have very little experience with and to be honest it intimidated me.  So if I ask you to take risks then I must take them as well.  So this was the impetus to going, to stretch my faith and comfort zone.  Well I did and it was both scary and exciting at the same time.

Testimonies from Bethel

My wife Colleen and I went together and we both had so many great experiences and even encounters with the Lord.  So on Sunday we shared our testimonies from our trip.  If you want to know what happened, I’d encourage you to listen to the audio.  Enjoy!