Christmas: A Story of HumilityWhat does the story of Christmas tell us about Jesus’ Humility?

If you take a journey from the typical retelling of the Christmas story found in Luke and Matthew and you wander over to the Gospel of John you find an entirely different perspective on the birth of Christ. Instead of focusing on the actual events surrounding Jesus’ birth, John focuses on the eternal Jesus, who was not only present in eternity with God, but who was God and who gave all of that up to become human.  What John talks about is a mystery that we must unravel, and one that cannot be ignored, that is the divinity of Jesus.

In this Sermon

Join us as we unpack the theology and the heart behind what the Apostle John wrote about his best friend.  We’ll discover that Jesus is perhaps more amazing and complex than just some religious savant and that He was a servant to humanity first.  It’s a beautiful picture of Jesus.

Scripture References:

John 1:1-5John 5:37-40Luke 2:6-7

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