What do we do with the City and the Dream that God has given us?

At LifeSong we truly believe that God has given us the city (region) and a dream for revival over it.   The truth is that the victory has been secured by Jesus and now it is our responsibility to carry it out.  That will require something from each of us.  I know that I am not saying anything that you don’t already know, but God is not a God of cheap grace or a God of cheap dreams.  We know that we have been entrusted with this dream, meaning that God trusts us to work with Him to see that it happens.  It is time for us to get radical and live a lifestyle of sacrifice before God so we can position ourselves to always be ready to serve Him when the time comes.

A Message of Hope

The city needs a people who are ready to release God’s Kingdom, His plans and His ways over it.  In this inspiring sermon, Pastor Brad Stroetz shares what it required from us to fulfill the dream of revival.