The Fundamentals, Faith, God and Creation, Claims of Christ, prayer, Worship, CommunionWhat is Communion?

Communion is a ceremonial practice observed by Christians where the believer takes and eats a small piece of bread/cracker and drinks from a small cup of juice/wine.  In doing so the Christian is connecting themselves with the Last Supper and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  But is there more than just a simple ceremony or rite?  Why did Jesus choose to use the symbols that He did?  How do we practice Communion in a proper and Holy manner?

In this Sermon

Pastor Brad digs a little deeper into the practice of communion and uncovers that there was more than just meets the eye.  Find out how Jesus used symbolism common to Passover Seders that had been performed since the Israelites fled Egypt.  Discover how Paul’s account recorded in First Corinthians was divinely given to him by Jesus.  Learn more about how the early church practiced communion.  Find out how you can practice communion in a worthy manner and deepen your appreciation for taking communion.

Scripture References:

John 6:47-58&66, 1 Corinthians 11:20-33

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