What is a Covenant?

Truth be told the word Covenant is especially important in scripture.  In fact it is mentioned more than 300 times throughout the Bible and there are no less than 8 major covenants that God makes with mankind that lay the foundation for what we believe.  But what exactly is a covenant?  In the strictest sense it is a binding agreement between two parties.  In business it would define the expectations between two parties and the benefits of coming together for a common interest and a desired result.  However, a Biblical covenant is so much more.  How?  Well, God wants our hearts not just our actions.  I think we can all comprehend the idea that two enemies can get together over a common goal and work together for a common interest.  While they may have an agreement and they may live according to it, it doesn’t mean that they like each other, it just means they agree to work together.  Well, when God makes a Covenant with us, it is not like this, in fact what God is going after is our hearts.  To the point that a Biblical Covenant actually binds our hearts and lives together with God.

How has God Covenanted with us?

Jesus gives us insight into this when He institutes the act of Communion with the Disciples.  He teaches us that the cup that they would drink was symbolic of the new Covenant.  What is that covenant and what can we learn from Jesus’ words?  Find out in this message by Pastor Brad Stroetz.

Scripture References

Luke 22:19-20Hebrews 8:6-8Hebrew 9:15-17