What is our Requirement?

Most of us are quite familiar with what God has done for us.  He sent His Son Jesus to suffer the consequences of our sin so that we might be forgiven.  In fact most of us are aware of the many promises that God gives us in the Bible.  All of these things give us hope and are good.  However, the older I get and the more I understand Covenant, the more I concern myself with what my end of the bargain is.  Why?  Because I believe that what Jesus did, opened up a two way street, a deeper relationship between us and God.  It is this two way street that causes me to question what is my requirement?  What do I bring to the table.  Otherwise I might run the risk of making my faith self serving and self centered.

In this sermon

Find out what Jesus taught about requirements to those who wanted to follow Him.  Learn about what Jesus asks of us even today and how to start on a journey of opening up greater fellowship with God.

Scripture Reference

Hebrews 9:15Luke 14:25-34Matthew 18:8-9