What is Covenant Sunday?

It is a meaningful day where we commit ourselves as a group to God, each other and the mission of the church. We believe that Covenants are stronger than memberships and are better at unifying us in our purpose as a church. A Covenant answers the following questions, who are we together and how can I help? It is not about what benefits I receive but how I can get involved in something bigger than me.

The Covenant Statement – Click here to read the 2015 Covenant Statement

About the Sermon

Go on a journey with Pastor Brad as he reveals how throughout history documents and covenants have shaped and even changed the course of events.  From the most simple example of getting married, to the birth of the United States and the giving of the Mosaic covenant, documents have stated specific changes and have solidified ideas into something concrete, all of which continue to guide how we think.  In the same way the signing of a covenant, although a small sign, carries with it the potential to change us.  Why?  Because it brings us under unity and proclaims to the world around us and into the supernatural that we are committed to pursuing God.  It becomes a proverbial drawing of the line in the sand in our hearts and faith.  Listen to the message and be encouraged!

Scripture Reference

Exodus 19:3-8Luke 11:17