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Family SundayWhat does the account of the creation of Adam & Eve reveal to us about God?

I find the account of Adam and Eve’s creation very intriguing.  The Bible is not shy about making the claim that God exists and it is equally not shy in making the claim that God created Adam & Eve.  However, what I find intriguing are not these bold claims, but the subtleties that you could easily overlook if you just read the account quickly.  Take for example that right off the bat you have an allusion to the trinity.  The author of Genesis uses the word Elohim which is a plural form of the word God.  And you have a conversation between God and Himself.  Now this isn’t some sort of delusion on behalf of the writer, actually John clarifies the reason for this when He writes His gospel and puts Jesus at the moment of creation.  Isn’t it interesting that the idea of a triune God is not something that evolved, but yet is something that was written into the earliest accounts of scripture?  What intrigues me is that it didn’t have to happen this way.  The author of Genesis had no clue about the coming Messiah nor did he understand that the Holy Spirit would come.  These were foreign concepts that wouldn’t take root for hundreds of years, yet he writes about the unified yet multiple God.  It causes me to take a long look at scripture and see the amazing and almost inexplainable continuity between its 66 books and 40 authors.

In this sermon

Pastor Brad takes us on an amazing journey to unlock the often overlooked details found in Genesis 1:26-31.  We’ll look at the introduction of a God who by nature is one yet plural.  We”ll also take a look into how God created humans in His image and likeness and what that means.  We’ll also take a look into the original commission for humankind and how it is very similar to the great commission.

Scripture References:

Genesis 1:26-31John 1:1-3

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