Christianity…A System of Beliefs or a Way of Life?

On Sunday, December 6th, LifeSong Church dedicated their new building to be used to serve the Lord in the city of Monticello.  We invited pastor, teacher and author Dale Stoll to preach that morning and he brought us a powerful and challenging message that Christianity is a lifestyle or a way of life to those who follow it.

So is Christianity a way of life for you?

It is something to consider and at the heart of the question is how you view being a Christian.  Unfortunately, many “christians” are under the assumption that if they just say the right things, believe the right doctrines or just go through the right motions that they are covering all the bases, but is this what God intended for the church?  The easy answer is no, but if these traditional benchmarks of being a Christian are not the answer, then what is.  You find out the answer in this sermon.