What Is The Source Of Your Faith?

I’ve seen it all too often, Christians who are satisfied with getting their fill in church and thinking that what they fill up on during a service will sustain them throughout the week.  It’s like beginning a hike through the desert and assuming that if you drink a glass of water just before your start that you will not need to bring any water with you.  We all know that walking around in the desert without any water to drink doesn’t end well, yet we go about our faith in the same way.  We take our drink of the Lord on a Sunday and think that we will not need anymore to make it through the week, but the Christian who truly thirsts for the Lord knows that they need a constant source of water to spring up in their souls if they are to be constantly strengthened in their inner man.

What does it mean to dig your wells?

It is when we intentionally dig down past all of the dirt in our lives so that we can tap into the life giving source of the Holy Spirit.  In other words when life presents its challenges we go to the depths with the Lord so that He can influence us, our faith and our lives.  We need God to be the main influence in our lives and in order for that to happen we need to role up our sleeves and do the work of pursuing Him.

In this sermon

This sermon will encourage you to uncover old wells (wells that others have dug and wells you used to use) and to dig new wells with the Lord.

Scripture Reference:

Psalm 23:5 | Isaiah 55:1-2 | Genesis 26:18-25 | John 4:13-14