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Discipleship 101Are you a Disciple?

It should be a pretty straight forward answer, but I find that even among Christians that there are many ways that people perceive this word.  I think most of us would agree that a disciple is a student of or a follower of a teacher, religion or religious leader, but what does that really look like?  It is too easy to define a disciple by our own ideas and what we have seen, but do those concepts really cut it?

The truth is that we have examples of discipleship in the Bible, all throughout the books in the New Testament we see great examples of what it looked like to be a disciple and so if we look to those examples we can better define how a Disciple looked and how they should look today.

In this Sermon

Join us as w take a journey with us as we take a look at three clear marks of discipleship from the examples we see in the Bible and we’ll discover a simple path to discipleship.

Scripture References

Matthew 28:19-20John 6:66-691 John 2:15-16Joshua 24:25John 14:23Acts 4:18-20

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