How can you avoid hypocrisy?

Oh, sure, people love to criticize Christians for hypocrisy.  In fact it is one of the most cited criticisms levied against the church.  For the most part, I think it is rooted in people’s false understanding that Christians are supposed to be perfect.  We are not, and we don’t even claim perfection.  We know that perfection is a standard that can never really be met.  Instead the standard that Christ calls us to is more of a journey where we become like Him over time.  It is a lifetime of transformation.  This of course is not something that we do on our own.  It is empowered by the Holy Spirit as He works in us.

So we are not perfect, but we are being perfected.  The only thing we can contribute to the process is to put forth the effort and to determine to grow in Christ.  Yet, there are some people really don’t seem to be putting forth the effort. They don’t seem to be pursuing Holiness.  Maybe you know someone like this, maybe it’s you?  While we cannot control how people outside the church perceive us, we all know that one guy who is not really being a Christian throughout the week.  This sermon is an encouragement for us all to not be that guy, but be the Christian who really is trying, who may not be perfect, but who at the very least is making the effort.

In this Sermon

We are going to look at three areas that matter.  Things that you can focus on and evaluate to keep yourself from slipping into being a hypocrite.  They are…How we treat others, our morality, and how we practice our faith.

Scripture References

Psalm 24:3-6, Amos 4:2-3 & 13, Amos 4:1 & 4-5

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