Who is the person of peace and what do they have to do with good evangelism?

When we look at the Bible and specifically at what Jesus tells us the mission of the church is, it becomes abundantly clear that the central focus of each congregation is to make disciples.  I think that most people in church would acknowledge this, but what if all of the structures, systems, and methodologies are not really focused this mission?  What if we have centered our mission on something other than Discipleship?  What if we have designed churches around religious consumerism and building the institution instead of the people gathered there?  How do we begin to regain the mission and make discipleship the central focus of everything we do?  Well I believe that is exactly what we have to ask ourselves because if we are not getting done what Jesus asked us to get done, then what are we doing?

The truth is that for most of us we really do want to see discipleship happening.  We want to be a disciple and we want to be engaged in making new disciples.  The problem is that we often don’t know how to do that and so we get stymied.  What if disciple making wasn’t that difficult?  What if Jesus’ words were spot on and truly the Harvest is plentiful it just needs laborers to go get it?  What if God was already at work and all you needed to do was figure out who God was working on?  What if all we needed to do was find the person of peace and the rest would happen?  That’s what we are going to look into in this sermon, “Evangelism and the Person of Peace”.

In this Sermon

We are going to look at who and what the person of peace is, why it is important to find them, and how to find them.

Scripture References:

Matthew 9:38Acts 1:8Luke 10:3-9, Matthew 10:7-13Matthew 7:6