The Fundamentals, FaithIs Faith Really Blind?

Some people would assert that faith is blind, meaning that people who exercise faith do not exercise rational justification, but is this true.  The assumption is that people just believe and that their faith does not come from actual experience or even through a thoughtful process, that faith is void of these things.  Is this true?  I would argue that it is actually not true, that faith is not the absence of rationality or even critical thought, but that it requires it.

Why Does Faith Get Such a Bad Name?

Mostly because those who do not have it perceive it incorrectly.  They hear a Christian say something like, “I don’t know how, but I have faith that things will just work out.”  To the uninitiated it sounds like the person is saying, “My whole world is a mess but I am just going to ignore it and hope that something good happens instead.” What they do not understand is what is behind that statement of faith.  What is behind that statement of faith is a history where bad things happened and the person reached out to God and God intervened.  So in the midst of a new difficult situation the faithful person is not ignorant or just wishing things to be better, their history tells them that God can intervene and they trust that He will.  The rational thinker with a history with God cannot conclude anything else but that God has an answer for them.  In other words when you experience the supernatural on a regular basis the only logical conclusion to draw is that the supernatural is real.

What About Blind Disbelief?

Those who accuse Christians that faith is blind, often suffer from blind disbelief.  In other words they have chosen to disconnect from the reality of the supernatural and choose only to live in the natural, AKA naturalism.  So anything supernatural gets disqualified because there is no room for it in their worldview.  However, the problem with naturalism is that it wants everything tied up nice and neat in a bow where everything is explainable and is black and white.  It sounds nice but the problem is that life is not like that.  Many things cannot be explained and oftentimes life doesn’t make sense, the real world defies such simplicity and rationale

In This Sermon

Find out how Faith is both a logical and intellectual assertion and a key to understanding God.

Scripture References

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