Faith Vision SacrificeWhat do you mean by “Faith”?

When people use the word faith it can often mean one of several things.  First, that you believe in God or follow a specific religious belief.  You are someone of faith.  Second, it could mean that you trust in God more than your circumstances. You have faith that God will pull through.  Third, it could mean that you are strong in your beliefs. You are someone with great faith.  However, what we want to uncover is a “faith” that leads us into action.  In other words the sum of all of my beliefs and trust in God is big enough that I am willing to step out in faith as I minister to others.

In this Sermon

We take a journey into the book of Acts and unpack the incredible actions of Phillip who had faith enough to listen to God, even when it didn’t make sense, he was putting his security into compromise and it most likely made him extremely nervous and afraid.  You’ll see how if we can trust in God and muster up the faith and courage to act that we can do amazing things for God as well.

Scripture References:

Act 8:25-40

© 2017 LifeSong Church Monticello Indiana with Pastor Brad Stroetz, “Faith, Vision & Sacrifice – Faith That Leads to Action”