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An Introduction to Family Sunday Live

Family Sunday Live is a new thing here at LifeSong and it is an opportunity for our congregation to ask questions about practicing Christianity.  So instead of preparing a sermon, the congregation writes questions and Pastor Brad answers them live and unscripted.  The heart behind it is that we are looking to help people grow on their journey and we believe that giving them an opportunity to voice their questions and get answers helps them as they become disciples of Christ.  It becomes less about what the Pastor has to say and more about what people need to know.  So come along with us for the ride and enjoy this our first Family Sunday Live.

In this session

0.00 – Introduction
4.04 – Do you have to take a bar tending/barista class to learn how to make Holy Water?
4:48 – Do we have guardian angels?
8:10 – What is the most difficult part of scripture for you (Pastor Brad) to accept and/or understand?
11:28 – What happens to your spirit if you die before Jesus returns?
14:18 – Is there a use for the Holy Spirit within us once we make it to Heaven?
16:35 – At the end of the day if we are all looking for and worshipping God, Jesus, and the Bible, why are there so many form of Christianity?
19:57 – What’s the difference between giving grace, receiving grace and abusing grace?
26:03 – How does the Trinity work?  Can you put it into modern comparison?
31:57 – Can you be saved without being baptized?  Once saved always saved?  Is adult baptism necessary?
43:26 – Do you believe that speaking in tongues is for today?
53:56 – Throughout the years I have experienced many times where God has blessed me, shown Himself to me personally, but most of the churches I have been through don’t like to touch on the Spiritual aspects of Christianity.  Why would anyone want to put God in a box an not accept physical plus spiritual manifestations?  Is it fear?