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Family SundayWho will say “Yes” and stand up for Jesus in this generation?

It’s an important question and one that deserves a definite answer.  In a generation marked by the loss of faith and secular ideology, the question for every Christian is whether or not we will intentionally choose to be a follower of Christ amidst a generation where it is increasingly unpopular to be so?  It’s easy to stand up for something that is universally acceptable, but what about something that is not?  Do you have the fortitude to say yes to Jesus and to stand firm on your beliefs?  The truth is that the world is looking for a convincing demonstration of transforming faith, but unfortunately the church has wavered.  However, in this hour we have a great opportunity to turn the tide and to show the world what being a Christian really means.  Will you say yes?  Will you take up the cause of Christ?  A Generation is watching and waiting.

In this sermon

We’ll take a look into what saying yes looks like and why it is so important for the church to rise up in this hour.

Scripture References:

Luke 18:1-8Joshua 24:15

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