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How do you avoid the deceptions of satan and the world?

To have faith in God requires a lot, especially when you consider that we believe in God against the disbelief of the world. If we understand that the world is under the authority of the devil, then we must understand that by nature all culture, all ideologies, all beliefs, all systems, etc… are subject to the devil himself and therefore they reflect his values and ideas and not the Lord’s. We need to recognize that the world is not some neutral ground where the Lord and the devil are fighting for people to join them. You are born into satan’s kingdom and unless you are reborn by the spirit of God you remain in satan’s kingdom. This is precisely what Jesus taught. You must be born again he said, not because you need to be changed, but because the first birth brought you into a broken and sinful world where we live by the flesh and the new birth brings us into God’s kingdom where we live by the spirit. So we are reborn into the spirit but we still live in a unregenrated world who lives according to the flesh and the enemy uses deception to keep the ones he has and to cause those who love the Lord to lose their faith. The world is a hostile place for Christ’s disciples, so how do we avoid bing deceived?

In this Sermon

We’re going to look at five deceptions the devil uses to keep the world under his control, to get us to question God, and confront our faith.

John 14:30-31, 2 Corinthians 4:4, Genesis 3:1, Matthew 4:5-6, Genesis 3:4-5, Matthew 4:3, Matthew 4:8-9

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