What do you need to know about sin?

Sin is a central concept in Christianity.  Our understanding of the human condition is that man has sinned and is in need of redemption.  The Bible teaches us that Jesus bore the penalty of our sins and that through Him we can be forgiven.  In fact our whole understanding of the love and grace of Jesus depends on our understanding of sin.  So it goes without saying that we should all understand the basic concepts of sin.

So why do a series about sin?

Quite simply, because sin is something that you don’t hear taught or preached anymore.  Why?  Because sin is a tough topic to cover especially when the conversation has tended towards judgment and condemnation.  The discussion is further complicated by a culture that is wounded by its own immorality and the insensitivity of the church over the years to their struggles.  It’s just simply easier for churches and pastors to avoid the topic, but I am left with the truth that the predominant message in scripture centers on sin and redemption.  So their has to be a way to teach what the Bible teaches about sin. That is what this message is about.

So listen to the message learn about the five things that everyone should know about sin…

Scripture References:

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