How do you flourish in your faith?

As we desire to mature in our faith, we should keep in mind that we are not pursuing growth for growth’s sake. In other words, we are not growing so that we can say that we have grown, we are not growing so that we feel accomplished, we are not even growing so that we can measure our success.  Remember that Jesus taught us that the last shall be first and that the first shall become last, which means that Jesus has a much different way to measure success.  We are successful when we become less concerned about ourselves and more concerned about others and we are greatest when we are the least. So, growing in order to measure success or gain position is not Biblical growth it’s a worldly measurement applied to a spiritual necessity. Our reason to grow is strictly so that we can become more like Christ and less like our old selves. Not so that we can say that we have mastered anything, but so that we might live our lives increasingly freed from the power and grip that the sinful nature once had on us and that we might be an ever-brighter light to the world around us. So, we pursue maturity for the sake of the gospel and its influence over our lives. The more we grow in that, the less concerned we are about any stature we might gain as we do. Remember it was Paul who said that everything he had achieved was literally rubbish and useless to him in comparison to knowing Jesus Christ as Lord.

In this Sermon

We are going to take a look at what maturing in the faith should look like and steps we can take to get there.

Scripture References

Psalm 92:12-15, Jeremiah 17:7-8, Joshua 1:8, Jeremiah 4:4, Psalm 37:18-19

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