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Are you ready to forsake worldliness?

If you are anything like most Christians, you would answer with a resounding yes, yet it is my experience that each one of us wrestle with this.  You see when we reason with this question and we hearJesus’ words it is the logical conclusion to say that we will forsake worldliness.  I think one of the greatest difficulties that we face in understanding exactly what worldliness means and then looking honestly at ourselves and cleaning up our act.  Truth be told most of us have some sort of vague understanding of worldliness and it generally means something that other people do, not me.  So the real question is whether or not you are willing to define worldliness according to the Bible and then do something about it.

In this sermon

We are going to examine what Peter teaches worldliness looks like and get a broader understanding of just what we are doing when we forsake worldliness.

Scripture References:

Romans 12:1-21 Peter 4:1-5