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Are you really following Christ if you don’t forsake the world?

As a part of our “Reboot Your Faith” series we are answering some key questions about what it really means to practice Christian faith.  For many, being a Christian really comes down to being saved and I am convinced that most people are far more concerned with not going to Hell than they are about accepting Christ’s invitation to follow Him and be a disciple.  So when you invite people to forsake the world and it’s pleasures and privileges you often get push back in the church.  And while salvation is certainly vital, I believe that God has called us to be concerned with applying His word to our life.  Central to this is the question, “How much do we continue to live like the world?”  The truth is that Jesus in no uncertain terms continually taught that we cannot follow Him unless we forsake the world.  From His perspective, the Kingdom of Heaven was of such a high value that it was worth selling everything to get it.  In fact He even went as far as to question if there is anything that this life can give you that was valuable enough to lose eternity over.  It is this very notion that Christ leaves us to wrestle with and we are taking a look at, because we have to be honest with ourselves and answer the question, “Are you really following Christ if you don’t forsake the world?”

In this sermon

We take a look at Jesus’ statements about forsaking the world to get a better understanding of how He saw discipleship.

Scripture References

Luke 14:33Matthew 13:44Matthew 16:26-27