Does Lukewarmness Accomplish Anything?

God has created you with so much potential and He would like to do amazing things in and through your life. He has literally given each of us the great honor and capacity to experience His Kingdom and to live in the completion of knowing Him. However, each of us has a choice, will we get rid of the distractions so that we can increase our capacity for Him?

What distracts you?

There are so many things in our lives that are genuinely benign, they are not good or evil by nature, they are what you make them. But it is these very things that can absorb a lot of time and energy. We should be brave enough to ask ourselves if they have any eternal significance? What would you gain in your relationship with God if you minimized these distractions? The truth is that when these distractions go away we make more room for God. In the war between our distractions and God, how much God are we willing to do without?

Are you ready to go full speed ahead?

Full speed ahead means we are committed 100% to getting where we need to go. Have you ever had the opportunity to put the pedal to the metal and go as fast as you wanted? It is exhilarating! It requires a focus at high speed that you don’t need when you are going slow, but the excitement is worth it. God is calling us away from the distractions of life and inviting us to live at full speed ahead.

What’s in this sermon?

Pastor Brad Stroetz challenges us to leave behind where we have been and make the choice to step into new territory with Him. Full Speed Ahead is not just a catchy phrase its a way of life.