Special Sundays 2016
Why do Christians Fast?

It’s a good question.  It is a common thing for people to fast now-a-days, especially when it comes to health reasons, but why do Christians fast?  It is a discipline all throughout the Bible and I believe a key to take your faith deeper.  In fact if you look at the most influential people in scripture you’ll find that they lived lives that included fasting as a regular religious fasting.  So the short answer is that Christians fast in order to improve there faith.

Is there more to fasting than just improving your faith?

In this message I cover 7 reasons why we should fast.

  1. To get over a hurdle, sin or limitation.
  2. To get refocused on God.
  3. To start off a journey of deeper relationship or intimacy with God.
  4. To intercede or intervene supernaturally over a situation.
  5. To minister to others.
  6. To break off the power or influence of the Devil
  7. To get answers from God

Download the PDF worksheet “Getting the Most From Your Fast”