How does God empower the Church?

God uses gifts, anointing and offices to empower His people to minister to others and advance His Kingdom.  The same power that allowed Jesus to perform miracles, signs and wonders and gave Him the strength to preach and teach the multitudes is the same power that resides in each believer.  That power is the Holy Spirit.  Did you know that Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit as a gift?  Why?  So that we wouldn’t have to rely on our strength to accomplish His will.

What are spiritual gifts?

Spiritual Gifts are things that we do not through our own strength or ability but through the special empowering of God.  This can be something that God gives us an instant ability to accomplish or when we make the decision to let God do something through us even though we might have a way ourselves.  It is God demonstrating Himself through us in an obvious way.  It is important for us to understand that every believer can operate in all of the gifts.

What is an anointing?

It is when you become very good at using specific gifts and you can operate in them readily.  In other words, while every believer can operate in any gift, there are people who excel at specific gifts.  God wants each believer to have an anointing or special calling when it comes to gifts so that the church can be strengthened and made complete.

What are Offices?

Offices are when a person is called by God into using specific gifts and anointing as a life calling and may become that person’s vocation.  For example any believer can be gifted to preach a sermon.  Some people have an anointing and may preach regularly encouraging other believers or ministering to people on the street.  Then there are some that are called to be a preacher.  That is an office.

Some scripture for further reading on Gifts, Anointing & Offices

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