How Do We Reclaim Thanksgiving as a Day to Give Thanks?

Thanksgiving has always been a Christian Holiday.  At its roots it is a day that was set aside for reflecting on the blessings of the Lord and thanking Him for His favor.  Somewhere that concept has been lost.  Nowadays it seems that Thanksgiving is a forgotten day.  A blip on the radar on the way from Halloween to Christmas.  In fact many jokingly refer to it as “Turkey Day” and spend there time watching football.  And while there is nothing inherently evil about watching football, there is something so special and sacred about taking time out of our busy lives to honor the Lord for what He has done.

When we give thanks, we release blessing

Don’t get me wrong this is not about twisting God’s arm to get more stuff.  Instead this is about the condition of our heart.  When our heart is ungrateful, it closes off the blessing and favor of the Lord.  In fact the Bible teaches us that ungratefulness leads to darkness in our hearts, which is the absence of Christ.  On the other hand our gratitude towards God creates a pathway for Him to continue to bless us.  Which sounds better?

Reclaiming a spirit of thanks on Thanksgiving

Here is a simple three step process to reclaim a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude to the Lord.

1. Make a list of all of the things that God has blessed you with this past year.  Pray about it and simply write it down.

2. Take time on Thanksgiving to worship the Lord as a family.  Literally put some worship music together and worship.  Yes it may be awkward at first, but it will be a blessing for you and your family.

3. As a Part of your worship, let everyone share what the Lord has blessed them with.