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Is church just about the money?

Certainly we have all seen churches and pastors who have exploited people for their money.  As a matter of fact one of the ongoing portrayals of a bad pastor in TV and the Movies is the Pastor who gets rich off of the church.  It’s a shame really because it muddies the waters concerning practices like tithing and offering and causes people to generally look at the church with a skewed eye and mistrust.  Let’s face it, people work hard for their money and to give any of it away to any  person or group is hard.  No one like to be used or taken advantage of, which is why the church and pastors should be held to a higher standard.  Which is why I and the leaders at LifeSong take the topic of financial giving very seriously.  Here is what you should know about giving to LifeSong Church…

1. The leaders of this church take stewarding or making proper decisions about money very seriously. I can tell you that the leaders here hold every gift as precious and they value the sacrifice that is behind every gift enough that they want to do what is the best and most right thing with those resources.

2. Nobody is getting rich off of the money that is here and in fact we are committed to using as much of our resources in ministry as we can. Of course there are buildings and salaries to pay for but I believe that we have been blessed to be able to keep those costs modest especially when you consider the average costs of those things here in America.

3. I (the Pastor) keep completely out of the money. I have no idea who gives, what they give or when. I never touch money personally and I prefer it that way. My main focus is on the spiritual needs of this church and the community so I let other people take care of it.

In This Sermon

We are not going to have a discussion on why you should give or offer a Biblical reason for giving, instead we are going to focus on the proper place that Wealth and Possessions should have in the life of a believer.  We are specifically going to look at how Jesus taught about these things and what life is really measured by.

Scripture References

Luke 12:13-21 

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