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Is being a Christian all about attending church?

It’s a good question, because if you look at the pattern and methods of the average church, it seems like church is built entirely around attendance at worship services and various other programs and Bible studies.  And not that those things are bad by any means, but is that what Jesus died for?  I think we need to consider that the Bible paints the picture of a relational God, one that wants to spend time with His creation.  If we understand that, then it is logical for us to conclude that the major problem with sin is not our behavior, but the fact that our sin causes separation from God.  So when Jesus dealt with our sin at the cross was He envisioning His church gathering a couple of times a week and trying to cram all of its connection to God into a few hours a week, or was Jesus trying to break down the separation between us and Him permanently?  I believe that Jesus died for a relationship with you and I that could not be contained within a few hours a week or religious observation.  It was meant to be a permanent reunification where we can be connected directly to God all of the time.  However, for most of us that requires a complete transformation of what we think Christianity is about and why we go to church.

In This Sermon

We’re going to explore the misperception that all God wants us to do is go to church and define a greater purpose for our faith and relationship with God.

Scripture References

Genesis 1:26-28Genesis 3:8Romans 5:15-16Jeremiah 30:21-22James 4:8, John 15:41 Thessalonians 5:17

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