Have you ever felt like God isn’t happy with you?

When I asked this question on Sunday morning a large percentage of the church raised their hands.  It is an all too common misperception that God is unhappy with us.  After all we sin from time to time and often feel guilty about our behavior.  So if we feel bad about things that we have done, it only goes to say that God probably feels pretty bad about us and our actions.  The truth is that as Christians we want to please God and we want to obey His teaching.  The problem we run into is that we tend to link those two together, that we please God only when we are obedient.  However, I think we need to dive into the Bible and get a true idea of what pleases God and whether or not it is connected to our obedience or our actions.  We need to understand how God sees sin and what part Jesus plays in all of this.

In this sermon

We’re going to take a look at how God sees us and what part our misbehavior plays in His perception of us.

Scripture References

John 3:17Ephesians 2:4-10

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