God's Vision 2015 Graphic





What is God’s Vision for LifeSong Church?

God is continuing to move at LifeSong Church and there are three areas that we believe are crucial to our ministry.  They are:

1. That we would know the God of the Bible.

Not just know about Him, but get to know Him personally.  It’s what Christianity is all about, getting the opportunity to know God.  We maintain that our belief in God, while it is founded in Scripture is sustained when we encounter the living God on a regular basis.

2. That we would empower His people to minister

The purpose of the church is to empower God’s people.  Everyone has something that reflects the nature of God and can reveal Him to a lost and dying world.  It is the responsibility of the church to help people discover it and to walk it out in power.

3. That we would release His Kingdom on Earth as in Heaven.

The great news about God is that He wants us to experience life His way.  In other words, we no longer live by the broken patterns of this world, but according to a redefined Godly manner that reflects how it is in His perfection.  We also have an opportunity to release the reality of God’s perfection into the lives of others.

Scripture References

John 10:27-28 | 1 Peter 2:5 | 2 Corinthians 2:15-16