What are Gold Diggers?

It is far too easy to see the garbage in other people’s lives.  In fact our culture excels at this.  The problem is that the church excels at this as well.  Gold Diggers understand that we have been called by Jesus to love other people and to see them released into their God given purposes.  God has placed gold within each of us.  That gold is a reflection of His nature and character.  It is the gifting and calling that each person has been given by Him.  But we need to understand that Satan spends His time trying to discourage people from ever recognizing the gold that God has placed in them.  If we as Christians have authority to bind and loose things in the supernatural (and we do) then if we focus on the garbage in the other person than we are agreeing with the Devil.  However, if we focus on what God has placed in the other person then we are agreeing with God over them.  We have to ask ourselves, are we an agent of God or of the Devil?  We need to become Gold Diggers!

The example of Jesus

This sermon focuses on the example of Jesus and His interactions with Zaccheus and the woman caught in adultery.  In both examples Jesus teaches us the difference between religion and grace.  Religion requires punishment and condemnation while grace understands that people have sinned but offers forgiveness and mercy instead.  Gold Diggers are those who can offer mercy and forgiveness.  We have to understand that people who don’t know Jesus live under the delusion of the Devil and so when we first encounter them they are going to be covered in sin.  At that point do they need to know how horrible they are?  They probably already know.  Or do they need to hear that God loves them and has made a path to forgiveness and mercy?  Christians who get this right are people who can impact a culture!

Scripture References

Romans 8:29 | Galatians 2:20 | Luke 19:1-10 | John 8:3-11