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How is a Christian grounded by our weakness?

Who in their right mind wants to let other people know about their weaknesses?  After all our weaknesses are something we would rather not expose.  Certainly, we would rather hide them so that people might not think poorly of us or worst yet take advantage of us?  That is the conventional wisdom and I would stress that we should be careful to whom we share our weaknesses with, but what if I told you that the very things that make us imperfect and cause us to need Jesus are the very things that can glorify God?  Unfortunately, I have heard far too many Christians talk themselves out of their faith and/or serving the Lord because all they see in themselves is their weakness.  Too many Christians believe that they are not qualified or good enough to be a Christian, much less ever witness to or minister to others.  Yet, the Scripture screams at us that God uses the weak vessels and that He has chosen to partner with us even in our imperfection.

In this Sermon

This sermon takes a good look into how God is not waiting for some future, better version of us to emerge, but how each one of us can serve Him right now, where we are at and with all of our warts.

Scripture References:

2 Corinthians 12:5-102 Samuel 22:32-33