How do you respond to God when He invites you to participate in the gospel?  He who has ears…listen!

I have found over the years that people have a couple of different ways that they respond when God asks them to share the gospel.  It should go without saying, but a part of being a Christian is that we are prepared to give to other what we have so freely received from Christ.  The same gospel we have been given, one of salvation, freedom, forgiveness, mercy, and transformation is not meant to stop with us, it is to be shared.  So what happens when God asks you to do something truly stretching?  What happens when God stirs some things up and wants to do something new in and through you?  Well people either are drawn into following God or they reject Him.  Listen, you should understand that it is a little more complex than that.  Many times when people are drawn into following God they do so with fear and they are nervous to do so, but the mere fact that God is calling them into action causes them to respond by trusting God more than their fear.  On the other side of that coin, many people who reject God in those moments, do so not with malicious intent, but they want to stay comfortable and they really don’t want more.  What you have to question is whether or not you really want to move with God or if you are content?

In this sermon

This sermon is intended to shake things up a little and to understand what our ministry is and how to break out of the comfortable boundaries we have created.

Scripture References

Revelation 2:29Isaiah 61:1-3

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