What is your passion?  What drives you?  What is your life centered around?

It is a very simple question that for most of us is hard to answer.  Not because we cannot pinpoint the things that are important to us, but more because we really struggle to identify one over several others.  The problem that we run into is that Christianity is not meant to be a part of our lives, it is what we are supposed to be living for.  In other words Christ invites us to a new way of living and a new way of thinking.  This includes new priorities and a new mission.  In fact a part of that new mission is that we minister to others.  However, if you are not passionate about Jesus and knowing the Lord, you will not be passionate about sharing Christ with others either.  And this is the cancer that is spreading in the church in America today.  Far too many Christians are showing up to church, but only when it’s convenient, or they make church about them and not about serving a community for Christ.

In this Sermon

We are going to take a sobering look at what our passions and priorities should be and how a church that makes obedience to living for Christ it’s central focus is a church that will advance God’s Kingdom and push back the powers of darkness.

Scripture References

Psalm 42:2Psalm 73:25Isaiah 26:9Matthew 16:16-19

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