What is Tithing all about?

It’s a touchy subject anytime we talk about giving in church.  Trust me there is a fine line that one must walk between presenting the truth or coming off as twisting people’s arms to give.  In fact I’m positive that most of us have the image of what a bad message about tithing looks like in our head, but if we set those ideas aside for a moment and listen to what the Bible teaches, I believe we will get a healthy and God-honoring idea of why this is such an essential practice in Christianity.  Spoiler Alert: It’s not about stuffing a pastor’s wallet or filling a church’s coffers and it is meant to be a beautiful and honoring gesture on our behalf.  So if you like to understand Tithing from a Biblical perspective, listen as we look deep into the scripture and develop a mature perspective on how we honor the Lord with our finances.

Scripture References:

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