Why Honor?

We believe wholeheartedly that when we live a lifestyle of honor that we create an atmosphere of grace.  Grace is the mercy and freedom of God and so when we live in grace we bring the presence of God with us everywhere we go.  This is what people are longing for, encounter with the grace of God.  Honoring ushers this in.

Honor Creates A Safe Place

When we honor others, we actually create a safe place for people to explore the Lord especially when we minister to others.  How many of you know that we can minister to people out of our zealousness and even our own ambitions.  When we do we actually work against the good things that we are intending to do.  Honor drives us to genuinely care about the person that we are ministering to and it invites them into a place of safety where they know that they will not be taken advantage of, pushed too far or ignored.

Honor Creates a Place of Freedom

When people know that they will be honored, they are more willing to open up and to get involved.  Nothing will shut a person down quicker than when they feel you are forcing yourself upon them or you have an agenda.  Compassion for them always opens up doors.

Scripture References

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