How does Jesus give us hope?

We are now in the season of Christmas and Christmas is the season of celebrating Jesus’ birth.  Of course as Christians we recognize that the miracle of Christmas is that God came to live with us.  We should recognize that if God came into this world that He came with a purpose.  It is no big secret that Christ came for our salvation, but it is equally important for us to understand that along with salvation that Jesus brought so much more than that.  Something that Jesus brought to us is hope.  Hope can be fickle and the things that we place our hope in come and go.  Yet Christ came to give us a hope that is not based on our circumstances and one that is eternal.  What did Jesus do to bring that kind of hope?  What is that hope grounded in?

In this Sermon

We are going to take a look at two passages of scripture that reveal to us exactly why we can have hope in Christ.

Scripture References

Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 40:9-11

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