When God presents us with extraordinary opportunities how do we respond?

There are times when God puts an opportunity in front of us that requires great faith and trust in Him.  The Israelites dealt with this when they came to the Jordan river and had the opportunity to take the promised land.  Again they had a great opportunity presented to them to build the Tabernacle, a literal place where the presence of God would dwell among the Israelites.  Each time the reward was great, but in each situation it required the Israelites to step out in faith.  At the Jordan, they needed to trust that God would deliver the land to them in spite of the giants that lived there.  In the desert it required them to be sacrificial and give from what they each had in order to supply the necessary materials needed to build the tabernacle.  At the Jordan they failed and chose to not go forward in fear.  In the desert they sacrificed so that they would have a place to worship and meet with God.  Just like them we are often given great opportunities by God to minister or advance the kingdom and just like the Israelites we need to make a decision if we are going to move forward in faith or let the opportunity pass.

In this Sermon

We are going to take a look at what happens when we move forward in faith and what happens when we don’t.  We’ll also look into our current situation at LifeSong and see how we can take a step of faith in this time to secure a permanent meeting place for us and future generations.

Scripture References

Deuteronomy 1:8,19-21, 26, 28-29,  Joshua 3:5, 14-17Exodus 25:1-8Exodus 35:20-24, Exodus 40:34-35

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