How can you be like Christ?

It is a thought that we like to toss around, an invitation of scripture, that we should be like Christ, but how do we do that?  I am convinced that for many of us we struggle in this area.  I have seen the church as it struggles to be like Jesus.  The truth is that for many of us we are often more like the Pharisees that we see in the gospels, quick to judge and quick to demonstrate our self righteousness.  Now this is not a slam against the church or Christians, because it is honestly something that we do not want to be, but our best efforts are spoiled when we let our humanity get in the way of our faith.  In other words it is a natural state for all people that when we act in the flesh instead of the spirit it allows for our efforts to be contaminated.  Christ was uncontaminated by the flesh and if it is our goal to learn how to be like Christ, we must first start in a place of functioning through the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we interact with people.  Why?  Because people matter to God and our mission is an eternal one, and we need to see people through the lens of their eternal need.  Christ always saw people with a compassion that only comes when you see beyond the temporary issues of the day.  He was like a doctor who had a cure not like a critic who has a complaint or correction.

In This Sermon

We are going to take a look at several situations where Jesus engaged people that He probably shouldn’t have and at times when it was inconvenient for Him.  In these accounts we’ll see how the people that were right in front of Him mattered more than the inconvenience and how that changed those people’s lives.  Hopefully by the end we’ll understand better how to love others like Christ and how we can bring the cure of Christ to their eternal ills.

Scripture References:

Matthew 9:36John 4:4-8Luke 19:5-7Luke 7:36-49

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